Teenager missing after tractor goes through ice

Swedish police fear that a 17 year-old boy has drowned after a tractor went through the ice in western Sweden late Tuesday evening. His companion managed to get out safely.

“Any hope of finding the boy alive is sadly gone,” police officer Kerstin Aspåker said to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper early on Wednesday morning.

The accident occurred shortly before 11pm on Tuesday on the lake Lillsjön, northwest of Sunne, a town in western Sweden. According to the local radio station P4 Värmland, the two 17 year-old boys were out on the ice in a tractor.

“They were trying to plough a track on the ice. I think they were eventually planning to make a track to drive cars on,” said Lennart Edvardsson, head of emergency services in Sunne to P4 Värmland.

When the heavy tractor broke through the ice, one of the boys successfully got out safely.

“One of them made it out and came up onto the ice on his own. But the other went down into the water along with the tractor,” said Edvardsson.

According to the Aftonbladet newspaper, the police plan to continue their search on Wednesday, as soon as they get hold of divers to search the lake.

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