Reinfeldt ‘more fun at dinner’ than his foe

Reinfeldt 'more fun at dinner' than his foe
Between Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and opposition leader Stefan Löfven, a majority of Swedes prefer Reinfeldt both as head of government and as a dinner party companion.

Two out of three Swedes believe that Moderate Party leader and current prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, is better at running government than Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven would be.

That is according to new Skop poll that showed that 66 percent prefer Reinfeldt as prime minister and the remaining 34 percent prefer Löfven.

More Swedes would also prefer to party with Reinfeldt than with Löfven.

Over half (58 percent) said they would have more fun at a dinner party if they were seated next to Reinfeldt, while 42 percent said they would prefer to have Löfven at the table.

The Skop poll, which compared public attitudes towards the Moderate and Social Democrat Party leaders, found that Löfven has more support than Reinfeldt among Social Democrats and Left Party supporters.

But among all other government party supporters, Reinfeldt is the more popular candidate.

Löfven also has more support among members of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO).

In that group, 55 percent said they believe Löfven is a more skilful leader, while 45 percent answered in Reinfeldt’s favour.

But, overall, 66 percent believe Reinfeldt is a more skilful politician than Stefan Löfven, which is a 2.8 percentage point increase for Reinfeldt compared to the previous Skop poll.

One year ago, 64 percent said Reinfeldt was more agreeable than then Social Democrat leader Håkan Juholt and 87 percent said Reinfeldt would be a more skilful as prime minister.

Only 13 percent preferred Juholt, who resigned soon after the results were published.

Stefan Löfven quickly reduced the gap.

In March 2012, soon after he was appointed leader of the Social Democrats, 50 per cent of Swedes said they would prefer to dine with Löfven over Reinfeldt.

In April 2012, nearly 42 percent believed Löfven would be a better prime minister than Reinfeldt.

But now the gap is widening again, with Löfven getting just 33 percent of votes in the latest Skop poll.

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