Gothenburg sets up ‘Instagram riot’ team

Gothenburg sets up 'Instagram riot' team
The two Gothenburg high schools affected by December's Instagram riot, when teenagers assembled a flash mob in response to a "slut shaming" account on the popular image website, are to educate the parents about social media.

In conjunction with Gothenburg municipality, the Friends andPlus high schools are putting together a team that will teach the parents and others about social media.

“We want to show that we take these questions seriously,” project manager Sarah Males told the Metro newspaper.

The riots in December saw one school barricaded by angry teenagers who had been erroneously told the owner of the “slut shaming” account was inside.

The 17-year-old girl was later cleared of any criminal suspicions by the police, but had to spend several days in hiding.

The original account on Instagram asked people to upload pictures of “sluts” in the Gothenburg area along with details of the teenagers’ sexual activities. The account owner reportedly promised the contributors anonymity but their names went on to be published.

As the account was shut down, the conversation migrated to Facebook, where the 17-year-old was named as the instigator.

She was taken to safety by the police before the hundred-strong mob reached her school.

The police ended up detaining 27 people on the first day, as parts of the crowd engaged in vandalism and aggression towards the police.

The police have recently identified a new suspect in the case.

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