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Punish teen criminals with curfews: Reinfeldt

30 Jan 2013, 08:44

Published: 30 Jan 2013 08:44 GMT+01:00

He added that the teens sentenced to curfew should also be fitted with ankle bracelets to have their movements tracked.

According to Reinfeldt, the measures could be combined with or replace less forceful penalties such as youth community service, fines, or suspended sentences.

The prime minister also wants to implement a rule requiring social services to contact parents within 24 hours of the arrest of someone under the age of 15.

The measure would be primarily directed toward first-time offenders who are too young to have their offences handled in the criminal justice system and instead have their cases handled by social services.

"That way we can show quite quickly that there is a reaction and that criminality has consequences," Reinfeldt told reporters at the Riksdag.

Reinfeldt also suggested recently that Sweden should consider scrapping reductions in criminal sentences for offenders aged 18 to 21.

All of the proposals to address youth criminality are to be discussed at the Moderate Party's party conference later this year.

Social Democrat justice policy spokesman Morgan Johansson labelled the proposals desperate and unrealistic, arguing they would add more work to already overburden social services offices.

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"It's unrealistic to believe that a few nights at home will get teenagers to stop robbing other teens in the city. If such behaviour is to be stopped, there needs to be more preventative work taking place seven days a week, 365 days a year," Johansson said in a statement.

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09:45 January 30, 2013 by RobinHood
"It's unrealistic to believe that a few nights at home will get teenagers to stop robbing other teens in the city." Social Democrat justice policy spokesman Morgan Johansson

I can assure Mr Johansson that not a single person has ever been robbed in the street by a thief stuck in his flat with an ankle bracelet clipped to his leg. Not one! Ever!

It seems a 100% effective way to protect the public from persistent thieves.
09:59 January 30, 2013 by Logic_and_Reason
Quit the political bickering and work together. Yes, there need to be preventative measures taken 365 days a year, but that does not preclude curfews with ankle bracelets or harsher punishments. They can complement each other. Sweden should try this strategy and tweak it as necessary until we find the right balance. As it is, the rate of crime among youth is rising fast, so whatever preventative measures the Social Democrats have in mind, they are not working so far.
14:55 January 30, 2013 by Reason and Realism
Reinfeldt has my vote.

In addition to ankle bracelets for first time thieves, make an app available that warns people on their smartphones of ankle-wearing-teens in their midsts who are repeat offenders. Peer pressure and the prospect of public humiliation are powerful tools against teenagers.

I also agree with Reinfeldt that Sweden's sub-adult category where 18 to 21 year old criminals and gang members are given trivial sentences for murder and torture are a disgrace, and these do nothing to deter violent crime and gangland attrocities.
18:01 January 30, 2013 by Jean Noel
A real deterrent to these types of crimes would be to threaten the family with deportation. I'm guaranteeing a significant drop if that happens. People need to be held accountable.
23:01 January 30, 2013 by Flygger
@ Jean Noel

You know something. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of ars'''es like you presuming every crime in Sweden must be committed by an immigrant.

I'd be more concerned about what you get up to my lad.

Curfew is not a realistic solution to juvenile delinquency but the birch is.

Bring back the birch and birch some decency into these young yobs !!!

Nuff said..
01:50 January 31, 2013 by Jean Noel
@ Flygger- I'm not worried at all about myself. Never committed a crime and never will. You take a look at the crime statistics, then talk.
03:03 January 31, 2013 by entry
Curfews and ankle bracelets sound like a good idea. Monitor the bad ones and penalize the parents. It is amazing that pre-teens and teens are allowed to wander around the streets without supervision at all hours of the night wrecking havoc.
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