Swede’s snow-chase backflip video goes viral

Swede's snow-chase backflip video goes viral
Swedish skier Sverre Liliequist has tumbled into the world spotlight after a video clip of his mid-run backflip in the Swiss Alps - with what looks like an avalanche in hot pursuit - went viral on YouTube.

The Swede was taking on the slopes at the Swatch Skiers Cup in Zermatt, southern Switzerland early this week.

As Liliequist sliced down the mountain, he set off a flurry of snow that followed him as he pelted down the slope.

But what really got people clicking was the Swede’s nonchalant backflip after he glided over a small cliff edge, even though the avalanche appeared to be closing in.

The skier landed safely on the edge of the flurry however, and continued to ski safely to the bottom of the run where a cheering crowd awaited him.

The video has already garnered more than 700,000 clicks since it was published on Monday.

Event organizers have since explained that the Swede wasn’t in serious danger.

“This was a windslab for sure but not an avalanche,” said one of the organizers to skiing website PlanetSKI.

“What is impressive is the size of the snow cloud which looks big, but the amount of snow moving was not that big.”

Liliequist himself took to his Facebook page after the event.

“So much fun,” he wrote.

“I guess we pretty much killed it this year.”

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