Spotify launches in-car collaboration with Volvo

Spotify launches in-car collaboration with Volvo
Swedish music giant Spotify announced on Tuesday that it had launched its new in-car entertainment product for Volvo drivers with touch-enabled dashboards.

In a fusion of two of Sweden’s most iconic companies, Spotify’s products are now available for any Volvo driver with the Sensus Connected Touch solution.

This means that motorists can now stream music online while driving, using the touch screen to navigate through Spotify’s playlists.

For those not wanting to be absorbed with the finer points of a touch-screen, Spotify assured that the product came complete with voice control, leaving motorists free to simply call out the name of the song or the artist they wish to hear.

All the driver needs is a 3G/4G dongle or a mobile device for internet connection.

Most of Spotify’s normal features will be available to motorists, including the options of searching for tracks, albums and artists, finding the top tracks regionally, and starring tracks.

Users will need a premium account to access the features.

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