Cyberbullying in Kumla

Chats link cyberbully suspect to girl’s suicide

Chats link cyberbully suspect to girl's suicide
Prosecutors on Friday ordered a 44-year-old man held on remand, saying the man's online chats are connected to a 13-year-old girl's suspected suicide.

The 44-year-old was arrested on Wednesday near Gothenburg with remand hearings held on Friday afternoon in the Örebro District Court.

“Unfortunately we see a connection between the chats and her suicide,” prosecutor Pia Åsberg told the TT news agency.

The man is suspected of sexual abuse and forcing teenage girls to pose sexually, as well as sexual coercion, Åsberg explained.

He was ordered held on remand due to fears that he might hide evidence and commit additional crimes.

The remand order stems from suspected crimes committed against two victims that are believed to have taken place in Kuml and Örebro in March and January.

One of the girls was a 13-year-old who was killed after stepping in front of a passing train in Kumla in central Sweden last week.

Since the man’s arrest, three girls have come forward and reported the 44-year-old for similar crimes. Police believe there may be more victims.

Officers released the man’s online chat and Skype username, bealarsson97, in hopes of identifying more potential victims.

So far, six different victims from across the country have reported the man and it remains unclear how old all the victims are.

Sara Fahmy, a legal representative for one of the victims told TT that the girl “isn’t doing well”.

“She’s been subjected to every parents’ nightmare,” she told TT.

Police fear that even more victims may come forward in the coming days.

The 44-year-old, who coaches girls’ football and is associated with a well-known sports club, denies committing any crime.

Formal charges against the man are expected to be filed on March 28th.

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