Runaway train cleaner ‘did everything to stop it’

The cleaner who was on board a runaway commuter train that rammed into a block of flats in the Stockholm suburb of Saltsjöbaden has spoken out about the incident in what she claims will be her only media interview about the crash.

Runaway train cleaner 'did everything to stop it'

“I wanted to tell my story here and now,” the woman told Sekotidningen, the magazine of the SEKO trade union.

“Partly I wanted to poke holes in any prejudices. There are theories on racist sites that there’s nothing in the media because I’m an undocumented migrant and other things.”

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The woman, 22, suffered multiple fractures and a punctured lung after the accident in January. She was sedated for about 72 hours following the crash in Saltsjöbaden, an upscale waterfront suburb east of Stockholm.

The front carriage ended up ploughing through the end station barrier, over a lawn, and into the kitchen of a ground-floor apartment.

While she was unconscious, Stockholm public transit operator SL and the subcontracting train operator Arriva said the cleaner had stolen the train and must be held responsible for the crash, in which she was the only person injured.

The ensuing police investigation instead showed there were several serious safety defects with the train that likely contributed to the accident.

The woman told her union magazine that she at first was not surprised when the train started moving. She said they were sometimes moved when in the overnight depot.

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She quickly, however, understood that something was wrong. Trying to halt the runaway train by turning the ignition key on and off did not help.

Realizing what was about to happen, she tried to get into a brace position to protect herself.

As for the allegations directed at her while she was unconscious, the woman appeared rather sanguine.

“I don’t want to get angry, you might as well laugh it off now that it’s done,” she told Sekotidningen.

“They are the ones who have made fools of themselves.”

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Passenger brings Denmark-Sweden train to emergency stop after realizing he was ‘going the wrong way’

A train over the Öresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden was brought to a sharp halt on Tuesday after one of the passengers discovered he was travelling in the wrong direction and pulled the emergency brake.

Passenger brings Denmark-Sweden train to emergency stop after realizing he was 'going the wrong way'
An Öresundtåg crossing Pepparholmen, the artificial island built to reduce the length of the Öresund bridge. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
According to Thomas Johansson, press spokesman for the Öresundståg train service, the train had just left Copenhagen Airport and started to travel towards Malmö when the man — realizing that he was going towards Sweden and not Central Copenhagen as he intended — pulled the brake. 
“The train was ten to 15 minutes late, and the person who pulled the brake was taken in by the police and sent back to Copenhagen,” Johansson said.  
He said he believed that the man who pulled on the brake had been fined by the Danish police. 
“If you're going the wrong way, you can't just pull the emergency break. It's illegal.” 
The train driver announced what had happened over the loudspeaker, to inform weary Öresund commuters that this time, instead of the delay being the fault of the train company, it was the fault of one of the passengers.