Swede films trio of thieves in burglary bid

Swede films trio of thieves in burglary bid
A Swede kept his cool when he heard someone try to enter his flat and decided to film the gang leader of three wannabe burglars, a clip that will now be used as evidence by the police.

Local newspaper Ystads Allehanda reports that the 43-year-old leader of the gang of three thieves was well-known to the police already, as were his two accomplices.

“We found the trio sitting in a car quite near the victim’s flat,” said police assistant Daniel Schultz, whose colleagues received the alarm just before 8am on Sunday.

The trio reportedly spent the early hours of Sunday walking along a street trying their luck by tugging at apartment block doors to see if any were open. Their luck struck out, however, but when the 43-year-old saw a partially open bedroom window he went to work.

Unluckily for him, the flat owner heard him and started filming the would-be burglar who was trying to get the window to open further with a wire. Local police say the film clip is of good enough quality to identify the man.

“The 43-year-old has confessed to the circumstances and the plaintiff’s film clearly shows who is trying to get into the flat,” Schultz told YA.

The men were picked up from the parking lot of the state liquor monopoly store Systembolaget. The only stolen goods found in the car were 40 soap bars from the low-price store Överskottsbolaget.

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