US men date 60 Swedish women in new TV show

US men date 60 Swedish women in new TV show
Love-hungry American men will date a bevy of Swedish women in a new programme to hit Sweden's TV screens on Tuesday night. The Local finds out more about their search for love across the Atlantic.

The programme, Kärlek över Atlanten (‘Love Across The Atlantic’), follows three men from the United States as they speed-date 20 different Swedish women in hopes of scoring a Nordic girlfriend.

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“The programme is a Swedish version of a successful Norwegian format (Sønner av Norge). Considering Sweden’s history with its sizable emigration to the US, it seemed like an exciting chance to give the programme format a chance here,” Programme Director Fredrik Lundberg told The Local.

“The viewers will be able to follow an emotional journey from Sweden to San Francisco with a lot of laughs, romance, tension, and nice scenery.”

One of the male contestants, the somewhat aptly named Mitchell Valentine, is a 33-year-old web designer from San Francisco.

“My grandfather was born in Sweden,” he said in a statement. “Swedish women are known for being among the most beautiful and intelligent in the world. The Swedish women I’ve known have all been adventurous, smart, well-educated, and really attractive.”

Meanwhile, Luke De Lorme, a 38-year-old IT entrepreneur, is on the lookout for someone resembling a young Sharon Stone. He remained crystal clear about what he was searching for in a Swedish woman.

“I have a heap of Ikea furniture at home that needs to be put together and I want some help,” he said.

In the eleven-part series, which premieres at 9pm on Tuesday night on Sweden’s TV3, the three Americans will travel to Sweden where they then take part in speed dates with 20 different women.

The men then choose four women each whom they bring back to the US in the hope that true love blossom across the Atlantic.

Over the course of the series, the men will narrow down their choice to just one Swedish woman.

In the show’s finale, the couples will then fly back to Sweden together to meet the families of the winning Swedish women and make the decision that could change their lives forever – to live happily ever after in the US, or Sweden.

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