Secret Location: All along the watchtower

Think you know Sweden? Or simply want to learn more? In our new "Secret Location" trivia series, we head to a "mystery" Swedish town that millions of people have visited without ever actually stepping foot there. But which one is it?

Secret Location: All along the watchtower

In The Local’s new Secret Location series, we test readers’ knowledge on a whirlwind ride of fun and trivia, culminating by eventually lifting the lid on a place somewhere in Sweden. This week’s mystery location features a watchtower somewhat prominently.

When we called the tourist bureau for this particular place, the spokeswoman was so swamped with guests that she could only manage a brief statement:

“I absolutely love living here; there are so very many tourists who visit us and they always leave happy,” she told The Local.

Secret Location in Sweden

If you don’t know Sweden from a bar of soap, read on – you will definitely learn something and you might just enjoy it. If you are the master of Swedish geography, or indeed a Swedophile, now is the time to prove it…

So, in just one click you’ll be taken on a ten-image gallery, each with written clues about the mystery place in question.

If you can guess from the first clue, you get 100 points, the second, 90 points and so on. Good luck.

The rules:

1. Using Google defeats the purpose and you’ll only be cheating yourself.

2. No give-away comments beneath the article, you’re ruining the surprise.

3. If you do leave a comment, state your score, and do not lie.

4. If you’re going to share this story on social media, try not to give away too much – the fun is in the sleuthing.

5. Multiple guessing is allowed.

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