Swedish app lets ‘everyone’ write music

Swedish app lets 'everyone' write music
Two Swedes have launched an app that lets even the most tone-deaf user feel like an accomplished music composer, revolutionizing the way melodies can be created and saved.

The creators believe the app, ScoreCleaner Notes, will be invaluable for music teachers musicians, and nearly anyone who loves music.

“Now everyone can write music,” creator Sven Emtell told The Local.

“This app is simple, yet revolutionary because it can allow a flow of creativity from musicians and especially music teachers all over the world.”

The ScoreCleaner Notes application works by recording the user’s voice or the sound of their instrument, provided it is played monophonically (one note at a time), and then turns the sound into musical notes which can then be uploaded onto social media (watch demonstration video below).

Emtell, a sound engineer at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, joined forces with Swedish folk musician Sven Ahlbäck on the project, which saw the app released as part of the Emtell’s computer engineering master’s degree.

“We’ve had a lot of interest so far, from newspapers and blogs around the world, and people have been very positive. Plus it’s cheap to buy, just 7 kronor ($1),” Emtell said.

He added that the app has already seen a surge of interest from aspiring musicians as well as people who are just plain curious. But the real market, he believes, is in music teaching circles, where the app can help share ideas quickly and easily. A teacher could play an instrument onto the app, share the result with the students, and let them go home and practice.

But the Swedish pair won’t be stopping with just the app, with Emtell hoping to work now on improving the desktop app for Mac and Windows.

“There, you can sync your ideas from the notes, and can use the melodies to make a whole song, adding voices, lyrics, chords, you name it,” he said.

When asked why he decided to release the app, Emtell explained that the Swedish duo were simply filling a gap in the market.

“We made it because we wanted it, it’s something we would have used ourselves. And it was pretty obvious that putting the idea into app form would be a great way to simplify things,” Emtell told The Local.

“And I think we’ve proven this to be true.”

The app in action

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