Think You Know Sweden?

It’s elementary: Water, water, all around

It's elementary: Water, water, all around
Think you know Sweden? Or simply want to learn more? For the next quiz in our trivia series, we head to a town where getting around can get you wet. Any guesses?

When we called the tourist office for this week’s location, the spokesman wasted no time in trumpeting what he liked about the town.

“You’re always close to water here. And there is lots of beautiful nature nearby,” Josef Wallin told The Local before admitting he’d only lived there for about two years.

“What can I say, I’m a transplant.”

Think You Know Sweden? Quiz 3

Sounds fishy, if you ask me. Of course, his answer could also just be a red herring.

But on with the challenge and full steam ahead with this week’s chance for you to prove yourself or to simply learn something – just click here and you’ll be taken to a ten-image gallery, each with written clues about this week’s mystery place.

If you can guess from the first clue, you get 100 points, the second, 90 points and so on. Good luck.

If you missed last week’s quiz, why not warm up on that one first?

The rules:

1. Using Google defeats the purpose and you’ll only be cheating yourself.

2. No give-away comments beneath the article, you’re ruining the surprise.

3. If you do leave a comment, state your score, and do not lie.

4. If you’re going to share this story on social media, try not to give away too much – the fun is in the sleuthing.

5. Multiple guessing is allowed.

6. The current record is 70 points by multiple readers.

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