Refuse tip fire smokes out Stockholm

Refuse tip fire smokes out Stockholm
Smoke billowing from a fire at a refuse station in southern Stockholm has caused a slew of calls from concerned residents across the city to the emergency services.

The fire at Gladö kvarn refuse station began on Friday and is expected to continue to burn for several days, according to Ulf Sjöholm at the emergency services in Stockholm.

“It is a large refuse pile which is burning. It is more than 50 metres long, 15 metres wide and 6 metres high,” he said.

The fire is reported to be under control and the emergency services have left the remaining work to extinguish the blaze to the refuse station’s owners.

“They are using trucks, lamps and are extinguishing as needed. They have their own resources for this,” Ulf Sjöholm said.

The fire started last Friday and led to a false alarm that the Royal Palace in central Stockholm was on fire. The call prompted a massive response despite the fire’s source being several kilometres away.

The fire led to a series of calls to emergency services over the weekend.

Ulf Sjöholm stated that the smoke, while detectable across the city, is not dangerous as it is sufficiently diluted.

He warned however that the fire is likely to burn for several more days and thus the smoke will continue.

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