Quiz: ‘A Swedish city with a pulse’

For this week's secret location picture gallery quiz, we head to a city that's among the top 20 in terms of population size. Can you guess which one it is in nine clues?

Quiz: 'A Swedish city with a pulse'

When The Local called the local tourist office to find out more about this week’s mystery town, tourist official Nina Häggström said it was “fantastic”.

“It’s a young city with a lot of pulse. It’s great in the sense that it’s big enough for you to not know everyone, yet small enough to hold onto that feeling of coziness,” she said.

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In addition to being big enough to be small and small enough to be big, this city is friendlier than most, according to Häggström. Not friendly in the way that everyone smiles at you in the street however.

“This city is known to be gay friendly, sports friendly, culture friendly, vegan friendly, and student friendly,” she added.

So, a perfectly sized town that is super friendly is this week’s secret location’s description. Don’t know which one we are talking about yet? Click here to accept the challenge. Good luck!


If being rewarded for your guessing skills is your kind of thing, we award 100 points if you can deduce the answer from the first clue, 90 points from the second and so on.

Let us know how you fared below. State your score, but don’t give away the answer.

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