Teacher locked 10-year-old girls in storeroom

A teacher in eastern Sweden has been reported to police after locking two 10-year-old girls in a storeroom during a lesson on Friday.

The incident occurred late last week at a Sundsvall school where two young students were hiding in a storeroom during a gymnastics class. The teacher found the girls and demanded they leave the room, however the girls refused.

“The teacher told them off several times. But they wouldn’t leave,” an officer from the Sundsvall police told the Dagbladet newspaper.

The teacher then threatened to close the door on the girls if they would not come out and when they still refused, the teacher shut the door and went back to the lesson. It remains unknown if the room was automatically locked when the door was closed or whether the teacher locked the door intentionally.

The teacher then left for an “unknown amount of time” according to the paper, before returning and letting the girls loose.

A parent of one of the students has now reported the incident to the police.

The police have launched an investigation under the label of unlawful detention (olaga frihetsberövande).

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