Game of Thrones: how it’s based on Sweden

The blockbuster TV show Game of Thrones is meant to be pure fantasy, but a closer inspection suggests this isn't the case. In fact, we've found ten sure-fire indicators that the fictional land of Västerås, err... Westeros, is actually based on Sweden.

Game of Thrones: how it's based on Sweden

If you’ve been left scratching your head at the water cooler recently while your colleagues discuss dragons, inappropriate nudity, people called Lannister and Stark, and that wedding scene, you’ve clearly not been watching the Game of Thrones.

The show, a swashbuckling rampage of fantastical fiction, is based on the equally successful books by US author George R. R. Martin. And while many astute fans and historians have pointed out similarities between events in the show and those throughout European history, we’ve taken things a step further – we found that Game of Thrones is based on Sweden. Probably.

IN PICTURES: Top ten ways Game of Thrones is inspired by Sweden

You may have already noticed that Westeros sounds suspiciously like Västerås. You may have even noticed that one of the key characters looks and dresses scarily similarly to Sweden’s own Prince Carl Philip.

Or maybe you don’t know a thing about the show but want to find a reason to get into it. Well, today’s your lucky day. We’ve gathered ten undeniable reasons why the show everyone’s talking about is based on humble old Sweden.

Click here to read them, but be quick… winter is coming.

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