Runaway goat takes night-time stroll

Police are searching for the owners of a goat who was found wandering the streets of Skara in western Sweden on Friday night.

Runaway goat takes night-time stroll

Police received calls from several locals claiming they had spotted a goat walking around town at around 11pm.

After a brief search, the police found the goat and took it into custody.

There was no drama, violence or injuries involved. The goat is apparently very kind and seems used to being around people.

In fact, during its nocturnal adventure, a group of young people reportedly encountered the goat and invited it to come into the garden where they live. The goat obliged and walked through the gate that the youths held open.

Nobody knows where the goat came from and police have had no luck locating its owner.

“We have staff members who are good at handling animals, but finding an owner in the middle of the night was trickier,” police officer Tommy Gustavsson told local newspaper Nya Lidköpings-Tidningen (NLT).

Several possible owners were contacted overnight, but none reported that they were missing a goat.

“We spoke to the circus that’s in town right now, but they don’t want to have anything to do with it,” said Gustavsson.

The polite goat did not have to spend the night in custody, however, as a local animal hospital took it in.

The goat will stay there temporarily while the search for the owner continues or until someone takes pity on it.

“We would be very grateful if the owner could get in touch with us,” pleaded Gustavsson.

Apart from dealing with the goat, Skara police also apprehended two drunks on Friday night for disturbing the peace.

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