Top ten: Best Stockholm subway stations

The Stockholm metro has often been referred to as an art museum in itself, with many of the stations featuring either themed designs, vibrant colours, or traditional paintings on the walls. The Local's Elodie Pradet lists the best ten in the city.

Top ten: Best Stockholm subway stations

Stuck for inspiration in Stockholm? Looking for a more unusual and interactive museum tour? Or are you sick of spending your commute with your eyes pasted on your iPhone?

If so, this top ten list is for you.

IN PICTURES: The Local’s top ten Stockholm metro stations

The Stockholm metro is 100 kilometres of art, all hidden under the feet of hundreds of thousands of city-goers above.

If you’re here as a visitor to the Swedish capital, this top ten should suffice as equal to any museum in the city. If you’re a Stockholmer yourself and find that you’ve already worked your way through the list, why not try Näckrosen, Bredäng, Skärholmen, or the light installation during evenings at Stureby?

But for now, all aboard, click here it’s time to take the tour.

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Social Democrats call for Malmö underground system

Malmö’s Social Democrats have backed plans to build an underground railway in the city which could then be connected to Copenhagen through a tunnel under the Öresund straits.

Social Democrats call for Malmö underground system
The Copenhagen Metro in Örestad, near to the Öresund Straits. Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT / Kod
Malmö mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh wants the city to begin drawing up plans for an underground railway with at least five stops: Malmö Central, Södervärn, Värnhem, Västra Hamnen and Nyhamnen. 
“We need to plan for a traffic system where we take into account being a city of half a million people,” she told the local Sydsvenskan newspaper. 
“And the traffic system needs to be able to handle more than just those who live in Malmö because we represent 50 percent of the growth in new jobs in Skåne and in addition are experiencing growing tourism.” 
Stjernfeldt Jammeh said that if her party manages to hold onto power after Sunday’s election, she aimed to push forward with the plans even before an investment decision over the Öresund Metro link. 
“There is a good reason in going underground, because we need to be economical with space on the surface,” she said. 
Sweden’s Liberal Party was the first to suggest building an underground in Malmö, with the Social Democrats instead pushing for a tram network until the plan was voted down by the centre-Right Alliance in Skåne’s regional government.