Swedes use most mobile data in the Nordics

Swedes use most mobile data in the Nordics
Swedes are guzzling more than twelve gigabytes of data from mobile devices per year, making them the most data hungry across the Nordic region.

A new report from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) published on Thursday showed that almost one in ten Swedes has a mobile broadband subscription that allows more than 100 megabites per second. The subscription rate outpaces similar services in Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The Finns, however, are not far behind in terms of mobile data consumption. The figures show that each mobile broadband subscription in Finland is used to download ten gigabytes every year.

Finns are also chattier than their Swedish neighbours, talking on their mobile some 3,000 minutes per year. Swedes, in contrast, spend about 2,000 minutes in conversation.

Text messaging, meanwhile, appears to have fallen out of favour, as mobile users in the Nordics send fewer compared to the last few years.

The Danes, however, are still punching the buttons to get their short messages across. They send 1,500 texts per person every year.

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