Crown Princess to praise builders of luxury villa

Crown Princess to praise builders of luxury villa
The Swedish crown princess is said to be "immensely pleased" by her newly completed 328-square metre second home on the Baltic island of Öland, a traditional summer retreat for Sweden's royal family.

The TT news agency reported on Monday that the new bungalow and its outdoor swimming pool are now finished. The villa can also be used during the harsh Baltic winters, setting it apart from the less well-isolated Solliden Castle on the same island, which has long been a favourite retreat for the king and queen and their three children.

With grandchild Estelle in tow, the entire royal family can now enjoy lounging by the pool with Crown Princess Victoria, who received her confirmation as a teenager at Räpplinge Church on Öland.

“That the royal family chooses to spend time here means an awful lot,” said Borgholm mayor Lisbeth Lennartsson. “It's a tradition since they built Solliden in 1905. It's great that the tradition continues.”

Lennartson said that the construction company had followed all of municipalities' construction permit demands, but said she herself was yet to see the bungalow.

“I haven't seen the villa myself, but I've heard that Victoria is immensely pleased and she is very keen to tell the builders so.”

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