Top ten: Sweden’s all-time hottest women

Last week, it was the turn of the ladies to rank the top ten hottest Swedish men. Now the shoe, or should that be the high heel, is on the other foot as The Local's Patrick Reilly ranks the ten best beauties to hail from Sweden.

Top ten: Sweden's all-time hottest women

It’s a tough job but somebody has got to do it.

Let’s face it, Swedish women are regarded as the Rolls Royce of the female species. Mention that you’ve bagged one of these Scandinavian hotties as a girlfriend/wife/lover to a non-Swede and you’ll likely be met with approving nods and mutterings of “how the hell did he land her?”

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Yes, Swedish women are an elusive catch renowned for their blonde hair and legs up their armpits. But beyond the cliché of the the fair-skinned Swede, there are numerous other examples of beautiful Nordic ladies, who are anything but the stereotype associated with my adopted country.

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So behold The Local’s top-ten of Sweden’s hottest women. Looks are just one requirement for making this list, which is a reflection of the modern Swedish kvinna. We’ve factored in traits like intelligence, attitude and the rest when reaching our conclusion. Enjoy!

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