Tan-loving Swedes cut back on the rays

Four of ten Swedes say they spend less time in the sun than they did five years ago, with six percent stating they have given up catching rays completely, despite Swedes' proven aesthetic appreciation of deep tans.

Tan-loving Swedes cut back on the rays

Sweden’s Radiation Safety Agency (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten) surveyed more than 2,000 Swedes about their sun habits during the summer months. Some 39 percent said they had cut back on the number of hours spent soaking up the sun.

“It is a trend that we hope is here to say. Skin cancer cases are on the rise, and that is primarily due to our habits in the sun,” said researcher Johan Gulliksson in a statement.

“An international study has shown Swedes are among those who sun bathe the most. That same study showed we think a dark tan is more beautiful than people in other countries do.”

Men were more likely to have cut out sun bathing all together than women who responded to the survey. Women and young people were more likely to instead have increased their use of sun block. Yet the research team said more Swedes would hopefully cut back on their sun bathing.

“There’s a lot to say about our need to sun bathe in moderation,” said Gulliksson, who reiterated recommendations to stay out of the sun around midday, and to add clothing and a hat.

“Sun block should not be used as the only protection against the sun. Sun block can offer a false sense of security.”

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