‘Fat sisters’ refused splash ride at themepark

'Fat sisters' refused splash ride at themepark
An employee at an adventure park in Halmstad, western Sweden, has landed herself in hot water after refusing to allow two siblings on a popular aquatic attraction, labelling them 'too fat' to ride.

Catrine Berling, 27, and her sister Lena, 32, told tabloid daily Aftonbladet their family holiday had been ruined after being told they weighed too much to ride the waterslide at Halmstad’s Adventureland.

“It was awful and embarrassing,” Berling said.

The waterslide, known as The Wall, can hold a maximum weight of 150 kilos per boat and the sisters estimate they weigh just under the limit. Having enjoyed numerous rides earlier in the day they were surprised to be stopped by a female employee at the head of the queue.

“My boyfriend and his mate weigh more than 150 kilos and they went on together,” Berling added. “Perhaps we stick out because we are shorter and look more stocky.”

Distraught by the employee’s weighty refusal, the family were on the verge of cancelling their holiday until deciding to lodge a complaint with entrance staff.

“It sounds absolutely terrible,” said Mikael Andreasson, the theme park’s owner.

“I have been overweight too so I take great offence when I hear things like this. The women should have had the chance to ride in one boat each.”

Andreasson said he intended to meet with the Berling sisters personally and insisted they would receive some form of compensation.

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