Sweden reel from Euro13 semi-final loss

Sweden reel from Euro13 semi-final loss
Sweden's hopes for Euro13 glory were brutally ended Wednesday night as the judge ruled a goal by Lotta Schelin invalid, after a tussle with a German who herself said she had simply "fallen".

Sweden’s new coach Pia Sundhage was left in tears at the end of the semi-final, held in Gothenburg.

Lotta Schelin had fought for possession of the ball with Germany’s Annike Krahn, when the German went on to take a tumble.

“I haven’t seen the reruns, but Krahn came up to me afterwards and said ‘I’m sorry, I fell, I couldn’t do anything about it, but it’s the judge who decides’,” an upset Schelin told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Swiss judge Esther Staubli moments later invalidated a goal by Schelin as she awarded a free kick to the German side.

“We were fighting for possession, but what the… how often don’t you get up close to fight for possession?” Schelin commented the decision.

“Then (Krahn) trips by herself and I get the ball in, and then like five minutes later the judge blows the whistle.”

It was instead Germany, thanks to a 33rd minute goal by Marozsan, who will go on to the Euro13 finals.

On social media, Swedes expressed their anger and outrage.

“Goodbye my friend, goodbye my love. Football, I regret nothing, but you and I will never see each other again,” one particularly despondent football fan scrawled on a napkin next to a skull and bones, before posting a picture of the melodramatic masterpiece to Facebook.

Journalist and priest Helle Klein, infamous for clogging up Twitter with live football updates, on Wednesday night kept her sadness poetically contained.


Four minutes. Don’t give up!


Please. Give us a miracle.



She went on to praise Sundhage’s analysis of the game, and commenters agreed that the returnee Swede, who used to coach the US women’s team, had helped raise the profile of the game in Sweden.

Swedish political scientist Ulf Bjereld also took to Twitter last night to weigh in on the debate as Sundhage engaged in post-match analysis once the curtain was down on the Swedes’ Euro13’s dreams.

“Pia Sundhage’s analytic and explanatory talent is impressive. She answers the questions. Which puts her apart from many males colleagues,” he tweeted.

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