Woman dies hours after ambulance no-show

A hospital has been reported to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) after it chose against sending an ambulance to a woman with breathing problems who died hours later from blood clotting to her lungs.

Woman dies hours after ambulance no-show

Emergency workers from the Södra Älvsborg Hospital in southern Sweden suspected the patient, who was in her forties, was simply suffering from stomach flu when she called complaining of breathing problems, diarrhoea, and fever.

They chose against picking her up, advising the woman to stay at home, where she died several hours later, shortly after another ambulance arrived.

The coroner’s report showed that the woman died from blood clotting to her lungs, according to the Borås Tidning newspaper, something the nurses couldn’t have known from the woman’s own evaluation.

“It’s a tricky case, very unusual,” Jerker Isacson, chief of medicine at the hospital, told the paper.

The incident occurred earlier in the year when winter flu was in full force, and the emergency workers were overloaded with call outs.

The hospital itself has now reported the incident to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in accordance with Sweden’s Lex-Maria laws, the informal name for regulations governing the reporting of injuries and incidents in the healthcare system.

“We want it to be evaluated and to investigate ourself how the paramedics acted the first time. We don’t know if it was the right judgment when they were there. The nurses made no obvious mistakes or errors,” Isacson said.

“The patient had good information but we want to be as sure as possible that something similar will not happen again.”

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Cops find violent fugitive despite close shave

A violent man who escaped from a psychiatric hospital last week was found by police on Monday, despite dramatically changing his appearance from the picture police had published.

Cops find violent fugitive despite close shave

The man had been on the run since Friday when he fled the psychiatric ward of the Karsudden Hospital in Katrineholm, central Sweden. Police warned that he had been in and out of mental health institutions for 26 years and was heavily dependent on medication.

They also said he was prone to dangerous outbursts and could be violent.

Officers waited until Saturday to release an image of the man – in which he sported a striking red, flowing beard – in the hopes the public could help track him down, but it wasn’t his mugshot that led to his arrest.

In fact, the fugitive had shaved off the beard and was unrecognizable to officers who pulled him over on the E4 highway on Monday in Linköping, central Sweden.

The only reason police identified him was due to the fact that he was driving his own car which had been flagged by authorities.

The man’s capture was undramatic, according to police, with the 54-year-old initially lying about who he was. The police saw through the ruse, and took the escapee to the police station.

“We want to find out what happened while he was on the run, we don’t know whether he has committed any crimes,” Fredrik Wallén of the Södermanland County police told the TT news agency.

The 54-year-old was convicted for aggravated rape in 1987, and was admitted to the Karsudden ward in 2005.

The man has been under psychiatric care for 26 years, during which time he has committed several crimes, including coercion, theft, and violence against officers.

The man will be taken back to hospital as soon as possible.

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