Only one jailed as most Husby cases are closed

Over 90 percent of reports made to police during the Husby riots in May have been closed, with only one person sentenced so far in the aftermath of the unrest.

Only one jailed as most Husby cases are closed

Only one man has been jailed following the week-long troubles that plagued Stockholm in late May. He was sentenced to prison for burning two cars, while another two men have been fined for weapon and drug crimes.

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Of the other 400 cases reported to police, over 90 percent have been put to sleep by police officials.

Daniel Ångman, a Husby police officer in charge of following up the reports, said that the most difficult challenge has been identifying the perpetrators.

“Much of it now is impossible to solve. There are no witnesses, no one has seen anything. There were a lot of people, many of them masked, it was dark, and many of the officers needed to defend themselves more than look at what was happening,” he told Sveriges Radio.

Even the security footage of the incidents has been largely unhelpful to police, as the vast majority of crimes were committed after sundown.

Now, Ångman and his team at the Västerort police are concentrating on the the last few cases they have, in which they are investigating ten separate incidents with 16 suspects.

“It may not sound like a lot,” Ångman said. “But for us it’s a success.”

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Stockholm firefighters tackle bus depot blaze

Emergency services in Stockholm were continuing on Tuesday morning to tackle a fire that started in a bus depot almost 24 hours earlier.

Stockholm firefighters tackle bus depot blaze
File photo of a fire engine in Stockholm: Pontus Lundahl / TT

The fire, which began at around 10.30am on Monday, is likely to cause problems with traffic diversions and irregular public transport throughout Tuesday, according to SL, the company which runs the capital city's public transport.

“It's still burning and we don't know yet how long we will need to be there. Probably the whole day,” said Hans Eriksson from the Stockholm fire service. “Now we are concentrating on protecting the other surrounding buildings.”

The fire began in connection with work on the roof of the building, which contains a large bus depot and the connected offices.

Eriksson said: “It's an old building with a roof built in a complicated way and construction work, so we haven't wanted to sent people up to the roof and fight the fire from within. That's another reason it's taken longer.”

No buses are reported damaged as most of the fleet were on Stockholm's roads at the time of the fire.

Police have opened an investigation into carelessness endangering of the public.