VIDEO: Is Zlatan wearing a bikini?

VIDEO: Is Zlatan wearing a bikini?
Sweden's star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made headlines across the globe after post-game footage captured him wearing what appears to be a bikini.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic usually makes news through his fast cars, his luxurious mansions, or for kicking what may have been the best goal in the history of football.

But not this time.

The “bikini” incident occurred following a friendly pre-season match between Zlatan’s Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, held in Gothenburg on Saturday.

While Madrid may have taken home the game by one goal (1-0), it was Sweden’s ever-confident Ibrahimovic who truly turned heads after the match, and the world media snapped it up – particularly back home for the Parisian side.

In fact, the wardrobe choice was the main story to come out of the match, according to Ben McPartland, the editor of The Local France.

“This bikini, if that’s what you want to call it, seems to have made more headlines here than the match itself,” he said.

While it remains unclear if the outfit is indeed a bikini, the French Metro newspaper wasted no time in analysing the Swede’s style.

“Zlatan has indeed wandered on to the field wearing a get-up that resembles a bikini,” the paper wrote. “Not sure if it will turn into a new fashion.”

The Metro in the UK was even harsher, stating that “only Borat will be loving this outfit.” Newspapers across Europe, and from Argentina to Vietnam also ran with the story.

Back in Paris, The Local’s Ben McPartland has his own suspicions as to where the two-piece might come from.

“Who knows… maybe David Beckham gave Zlatan the bikini as a leaving gift when he moved on from PSG. He did used to wear a sarong after all,” he said with a laugh.

See for yourself – Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic really wearing a bikini?

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