Titanic II to be decked out by Swedish designers

Titanic II to be decked out by Swedish designers
A full-scale replica of the Titanic commissioned by an Australian billionaire will feature an interior designed by a team of Swedes in Höganäs.

The ship, which is to set sail in 2016, is planned to be as close to an exact replica as possible, but the Swedish team is updating the interior to correlate more closely with modern times.

“The beds will be bigger because people today are bigger than they were 100 years ago,” Fredrik Johansson of Tillberg Design told the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

But it’s not just the size of the passengers that will have changed.

“On the Titanic, 20 people shared a bathroom and the plan is to make the new ship as similar as possible to the original. But we’re preparing the cabins for toilets and showers by drawing in extra large wardrobes for all the piping,” he added.

Titanic II will be manufactured in China, then sail to Southampton for the official launch. It will have a few other notable differences to its predecessor, most noticeably boasting an extra floor to accommodate enough lifeboats and an increased breadth of four metres.

The man with the plan, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, has announced that the ship will set sail from Southampton in the UK to New York, just as it did on its maiden – and final – voyage back in 1912.

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