‘Delusional’ man stops train to fetch dog

'Delusional' man stops train to fetch dog
A 29-year old man in Knivsta, eastern Sweden, jammed on a train's emergency brake after leaving his dog on the platform. He was later arrested on suspicion of vandalism.

The incident occurred on Friday night at 11pm when the man, who was later described by police as being inebriated, boarded the carriage and noticed he left his dog behind him once the train starting moving, the local Upsala nya tidning newspaper reported.

The accused then pulled the emergency brake and smashed a pane of glass with his feet in order to reach his dog.

“He was intoxicated and operating under the influence of drink and delusion,” said Torbjörn Karlsson, police officer on duty in Knivsta.

Police arrested the man at the scene on suspicion of vandalism. He was admitted to the local station to sober up with a hearing set to take place in the near future.

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