Rainbow zebra protest at Russian embassy

Rainbow zebra protest at Russian embassy
Gay rights supporters have painted the zebra crossing outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm in the colours of the rainbow following angry exchanges during last week's Pride festival over the country's treatment of LGBT individuals.

Stockholm police have been in regular contact with the Russian diplomatic

mission since the earlier demonstrtions but were unaware of the latest incident.

“We have no case file on it but it will probably be classified as vandalism or a violation of traffic regulations,” Ulf Lindgren of Stockholm police told Dagens Nyheter.

He added that the police are not responsible for restoring the walkway to its regular pattern of black and white.

“Protesting is one thing, it has to be done. But this is wrong even if the objective is something else. It can affect people who are using the zebra crossing.

“There’s a risk it can create danger for those using the crossing as they should look a certain way. It’s confusing if they are different,” added Lundgren.

On Saturday a group of naked men marched back and forth across the rainbow crossing outside the embassy. One of the group took pictures but it remains unclear if they are connected with the stunt.

Earlier this month police arrested two topless activists from feminist network Femen for attempting to break into the Russian embassy.

Gay rights supporters were angered that the embassy refused to fly the rainbow flag in the run-up to Stockholm Pride. Several embassies, including the United States, raised the flag to coincide with the festival.

There were angry scenes outside the embassy during the pride festival with activists protesting about Russia’s treatment of LGBT individuals.

Many supporters called on nations to boycott the World Athletics Championships which began this weekend in Moscow.

Meanwhile, pedestrians have been urged to take extra caution when using the crossing until it is restored to its original pattern.

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