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Eight zaniest Swedish drinking song lyrics

Eight zaniest Swedish drinking song lyrics
It's August, the end of summer is near, and Swedes have only one thing on their minds - crayfish.

Yes, the month of August is a hotpot of opportunities to attend “crayfish parties” (better known in Sweden as kräftskivor).

And, besides crayfish, the most common thing you’ll stumble upon at these parties is the sound of song – drinking songs – (better known in Sweden as snappsvisor).

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Few countries (if any) really have drinking songs to the same capacity as the Swedes do, so what better time to look into this unusual phenomenon from an outsider’s perspective.

But whether you’re new to Sweden or a crayfish veteran, you’ll probably be none the wiser as what on earth these songs are actually about. Some are pure nonsense, others are just plain bamboozling, but one thing we can say is that the lyrics are fantastically zany.

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We’ve collected our eight favourite lyrics of all time and translated them to English.

Enjoy. Sjung hoppfaderallallalej!

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