Gothenburg man bitten by venomous cobra

Gothenburg man bitten by venomous cobra
A man in western Sweden was bitten by a cobra in his apartment on Saturday night, just managing to alert authorities before he passed out.

The man was attacked by his own cobra inside his Gothenburg home. He was able to alert authorities himself, as well as identify the snake that bit him, before he fell into unconsciousness.

When paramedics reached the man’s apartment, they found 40 other venomous snakes inside. Police refused to enter the apartment upon learning of the menagerie inside, which included a taipan, the world’s deadliest snake.

Anti-venom was sent from Stockholm as the 40-year-old man was rushed to the Sahlgrenska hospital. The anti-venom reached the man late in the evening, but his condition remains unknown.

The snake was intended to be used by illusionist Joe Labero, who had recently returned home from Marrakesh where had been inspired by snake charmers.

“We wanted to have animals and something dangerous in the show,” he confessed to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

“At first, we were thinking scorpions, but they are so small and hard to see that we decided on venomous cobras. We have always known of the danger and had respect for them, it was just the plan to have one or two at the show.”

It remains unclear exactly which type of cobra bit the man, although the species in general comes from Asia and Africa. Some cobras, a favourite of snake charmers, can grow up to over five metres long.

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