Cobra bite victim allowed to keep 40 snakes

Cobra bite victim allowed to keep 40 snakes
A man in western Sweden, who has since recovered from being bitten by his venomous cobra, has been told he can keep his other snakes with authorities saying the creatures are "feeling good" and are safe in his apartment.

The owner spent several days in hospital after being attacked by the cobra. He was able to alert authorities himself, as well as identify the snake that bit him, before he fell into unconsciousness.

When paramedics reached the man’s apartment in Gothenburg, they found 40 other venomous snakes inside. Police refused to enter the apartment upon learning of the menagerie inside, which included a taipan, the world’s deadliest snake.

Inspectors from the country administrative board (länsstyrelsen) along with a snake expert from the natural history museum visited the man’s apartment on Friday. The snake owner was also in attendance and was told he can keep his dozens of creatures after being asked several questions about their welfare.

“It was a short visit and it went well. We found that there were no acute or serious shortcomings. The snakes seemed to be feeling good,” said Johanna Jensen, the group leader for animal welfare checks with the country administrative board told Expressen.

She added; “We looked at the snakes to see how fat or thin they were and they are fine. We also looked at their skin and could tell that the humidity and temperature was correct.”

Following the inspection the authorities declared that the snakes were safe to continue living in the apartment. The inspectors also wanted to reassure neighbours not to worry about the creatures escaping.

“They are in safe keeping and have been since last weekend when the police were there. There is no cause for anxiety for the man or the other residents. The snakes are kept in containers and can’t get out,” added Johanna Jensen.

It’s understood that there will be another more detailed inspection of the man’s apartment in the near future.

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