Swedish necrophilia trial

‘Skeleton lover’ faces prospect of jail

'Skeleton lover' faces prospect of jail
A 38-year-old woman who has been convicted of disturbing the peace of the dead for allegedly using human bones for sexual purposes, faced calls for jail time as her appeals court trial closed on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Kristina Ehrenborg-Staffas called for the court to impose a one-year prison sentence on the woman who was convicted in a high profile trial in Gothenburg in December 2012.

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The so-called “skeleton woman” has admitted to having an obsession with human bones and was sentenced to probation in the district court trial despite her denials of any criminal wrong-doing.

According to the prosecutor, the woman has “improperly” moved the skeleton to her apartment and treated the human remains in an “insulting” manner. She has meanwhile claimed that the bones were acquired legally.


The appeals court is due to pass sentence on the woman on October 8th.

The woman was arrested in September 2012 when police arrived at her flat and found human skeletons and knives after responding to a call about gunfire coming from the apartment.

The Gothenburg District Court convicted the woman of disturbing the peace of the dead and for weapons offences, sentencing her to probation and ordering that she undergo treatment for addiction and psychiatric problems.

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