Jesus fish to take holy tour of Sweden

Fish-factory workers in western Sweden who discovered a perfectly shaped cross on a Norwegian salmon's belly last week have now decided to take the Jesus fish on tour to show the rest of Sweden.

Jesus fish to take holy tour of Sweden

“It seems that the Jesus fish has been brought back to life and will begin touring,” delighted fish factory worker Lars Ludwigson told The Local.

The fish was found by factory workers in Gothenburg on Thursday and the news made a splash across Sweden.

Ludwigson, who initially took the fish home for what he called a “blessed dinner”, had the epiphany to give the salmon a second coming and to take it on tour.

“My original plan was to eat it, but I can’t do that now. I’ve hidden the fish in a freezer because of this hysterical interest and I’m the only one who knows exactly where,” he added.

IN PICTURES: See the Jesus fish up close and around Gothenburg

“But I must conserve it in some way, putting it in alcohol might upset some Christians so the most biblical method must be to salt it… if I remember correctly, Jesus said something about that.”

Ludvigsson’s salmon marks the second time in recent weeks a fish has made headlines in Sweden. In August, Swedish men were warned to keep an eye out for a crotch-chomping fish found off the southern coast of Sweden.

But while the Jesus fish is now long-dead, it will start its second life on Thursday in Malmö, southern Sweden, where it will be on display for the public at an Ica supermarket. From there, it will move north to Gothenburg at a fish event at the Nordstan shopping centre.

Ludwigson remains gobsmacked to see a nation floundering at the mere mention of a holy sign in a Norwegian fish, but is excited to see where it goes.

“The story and the fish will travel on,” Ludwigson told The Local. “I really did not expect this to happen.”

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