Ikea recalls rhubarb pie after label mix-up

A labelling error on Ikea's rhubarb pies meant the Finnish word for "egg powder" was missing from the ingredients list - reason enough for the Swedish furniture giant to strip the shelves and issue a full recall in several countries.

Ikea recalls rhubarb pie after label mix-up

The retail giant made the decision to pull the pies from the frozen section of its stores to protect customers with egg allergies.

“This is something that we take extremely seriously and we take full responsibility for the mistake,” Anna Pilkrona Godden, deputy PR and press manager for Ikea Sweden, told The Local.

Ikea’s decision will affect the Swedish market as the Finnish ingredients are printed on the packaging in Sweden as well as Finland. Rhubarb pie lovers in several other countries including Norway, Romania and Thailand will also have to wait a while before their next slice, with the products being recalled to be labelled properly.

Other countries with the incorrect labelling are; Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Singapore.

“We discovered the error after a customer with a stomach problem contacted us. We reacted immediately as it is very important people with egg allergies have the correct information,” said Pilkrona Godden.

“There is nothing wrong with the pie and the full ingredients were there in all of the other languages apart from Finnish. The pies are being recalled and the next ones for sale will have the full ingredients printed on them,” she added.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Ikea were selling meatballs containing horsemeat which temporarily halted the sale of the Swedish favourite.

Concerned customers are urged to contact their local Ikea branch to return the pie and receive a full refund. The rhubarb pie is sold in only Ikea’s frozen section and is not served in the company’s restaurants.

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