Swedish necrophilia trial

‘Skeleton lover’ keeps her bones after court case

'Skeleton lover' keeps her bones after court case
A 38-year-old woman, who was previously convicted of disturbing the peace of the dead for using human bones for sexual purposes, was cleared of all skeleton-related charges on Tuesday but was sentenced for weapons crimes.

The Gothenburg woman faced court on Tuesday after she was convicted in a high profile trial back in December last year.

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The “skeleton woman” has admitted to an obsession with human bones and was initially sentenced to probation in the district court trial despite her denials of any criminal wrong-doing.


On Tuesday, she was cleared by the Court of Appeals of all charges relating to necrophilia, but was sentenced for weapon crimes after police found several firearms in her apartment, together with

“I know that it’s strange and sounds bizarre, but skeletons are my hobby,” the woman told the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper (GP) at the time of her detention, referring to herself as an “odd duck”.

The 38-year-old’s lawyer Annika Stanislaus argued that her client could not be sentenced for disturbing the peace of the dead (brott mot griftesfriden), as legal texts on the matter only refer to “corpses or the ashes of the dead”.

She argued that the texts made no mention of “skeletons or skeleton parts from a deceased person who was not cremated or buried and who isn’t in a coffin, buried, or in a final resting place”.

The court noted that the seized bones will be sent back to the woman’s residence.

“I have an interest in forensic medicine and I’m passionate about osteology. I have pictures of dead people. I don’t deny that,” the 38-year-old told GP.

“I’m also interested in necrophilia. But I’m not sexually interested in necrophilia.”

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