Sweden buzzing to inspect sex toys

Sweden buzzing to inspect sex toys
Several Swedish local municipalities are stepping out of the boardroom and into the bedroom to inspect the levels of reproductive reducing substances found in sex toys.

The prompt to investigate sex toys, such as dildos and vibrators, was made after it emerged that some of them contain phthalates, a substance used in plastic objects to make them more flexible, and which can potentially disturb a person’s hormonal balance.

Phthalates are already banned in children’s toys for, among other reasons, the prospect of the child putting the toy in their mouth.

The sex toy industry has never been inspected in a similar way in Sweden until now.

“What we know about these chemicals is that they have strong reproduction inhibiting effects but it is not known how people are affected by using sex toys that contain the chemicals,” said Anna Löfström, environmental inspector with Malmö city to the TT news agency.

Previous studies on the chemical reactions of sex toys are unheard of said Christian Lindh, a senior lecturer in environmental medicine at the Univeristy of Lund.

“I guess it is a sensitive subject,” he said.

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