Nut attack victim: This was done on purpose

Nut attack victim: This was done on purpose
The Swedish schoolgirl with a nut allergy who was left fighting for her life after another pupil put a nut in her drink has said she believes the attack was done deliberately.

Linn Jernberg, 18, from Värnamo in southern Sweden, was rushed to the emergency room following the incident at her school. Police are now investigating the matter.

“I’m sure that whoever put it in the glass did so on purpose,” the teenager told Aftonbladet.

Jernberg had put up a note alerting staff and pupils about her extreme nut allergy but it was torn down. Later she took a sip of water which had been tampered with and ended up fighting for her life.

“When I had taken a drink I discovered that somebody had put a hazelnut in the glass and it became hard to find air.

“My throat, tongue and lips swelled up and I had difficulty breathing,” she said.

The incident infuriated high school manager Bernt Ralfnert who said; “Either the student who did this is completely stupid or it’s attempted manslaughter.”

The teenager was rushed to hospital where her breathing was stabilized. She was back at school the next day but the attack has had some side effects for her health.

“I have poor lung capacity, it aches in my lungs and I am very tired. It will pass but I don’t known when,” said the teen.

Jernberg has a particularly extreme nut allergy which she says has got worse in recent years.

“You cannot even open a bag of peanuts in the same room,” she said.

As a result of the incident her class has switched classrooms while the old one is decontaminated to remove all nut traces.

Police are continuing their investigation which is currently classified as assault.

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