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Top five tips for cooking your own swede

Top five tips for cooking your own swede
Nothing beats the pleasure of cooking swedes and serving them up to your friends. Boil them, steam them, roast them - we've gathered the best five ways for you to enjoy a nice winter meal out of your own swede.

Got a swede around the house you need to get rid of? Why not cook it? Winter is coming, and there is an abundance of swedes available (the vegetable, not the nationality – of course).

The swede, also known as the rutabaga, the yellow turnip, the Swedish turnip and the Russian turnip, is a treat indeed and a wonderful way to warm your winter cockles.

IN PICTURES: Top five tips for cooking your own swede

When it comes to the best swedes, pick one with unblemished skin, keeping in mind that small swedes are the most tender and the sweetest, but that a big swede does the job too.

We’ve gathered five good tips for cooking swedes, with dishes ranging from the Sweet Chunky Swede Delight to the Spicy Swede Fritters.

The only essential ingredient for each meal is a swede. Yes, a swede. And no, not a Swede with a capital S.

Why would you want to cook a Swede?

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