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Top ten expat complaints to their Swedish partners

Top ten expat complaints to their Swedish partners
Sweden is a great place and Swedes are lovely people. But some little things - tiny little things - like dietary habits and passive aggressive notes are just enough to make expats in Sweden complain. Here are the top ten complaints.

If you meet an expat in Sweden, chances are they came here for love.

Sometimes, you’ll meet one who’s come for work, sometimes they’re here to study, and occasionally you meet the rare breed who just came here for fun.

But regardless of why they’re here, or even how much they love the country and its people, there is always room for a good old-fashioned moan.

IN PICTURES: Top ten expat complaints to their Swedish partners

And this is exactly what we’ve asked readers to do on our Twitter account. (Follow us here by the way).

Be it something simple as their lack of small talk, or the more picky (Swedes just don’t know how to dredge a pond), we’ve picked our favourite ten. Incidentally, neither of these two made the cut.

Feel free to add a comment below (or beneath the pictures themselves) to let us know which ones we’ve missed.

And stay tuned for the follow up – ten complaints from Swedes about their expat partners… coming soon.

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