The killing of Marina Johansson: a timeline

A timeline about the case of Marina Johansson, a Swedish woman who went missing in July 2010.

The killing of Marina Johansson: a timeline
A file photo of Marina Johansson distributed by the Swedish police in conjunction with her 2010 disappearance.
Johansson's disappearance has captivated the Swedish media for more than three years, as it took nearly two years for her body to be found. Her ex-boyfriend was arrested shortly after she disappeared, but was later released. 
July 27th: Marina Johansson, 31, visits her parents in Tjörn
July 28th: Johansson's sister receives a text message indicating Marina is in Linköping. Police analysis later reveals the text was sent from Stenungsund. It's the last day her ex-boyfriend claims to have seen Johansson 
August 2nd: Johansson is reported missing by her parents
August 6th: Johansson's ex-boyfriend is arrested and ordered held on remand on suspicion of murder
August 13th: Johansson's ex-boyfriend is released
January 3rd: new tenants in Johansson's house discover large blood stains on her bed that police missed
April 1st: the 39-year-old ex-boyfriend is again held on remand
August 12th: the ex-boyfriend is charged with murder
August 31st: the trial of the ex-boyfriend concludes and he is released ahead of the verdict
September 16th: the Udevalla District Court delivers a not-guilty verdict for the ex-boyfriend, in part because prosecutors can't prove she's dead
November 7th: the court of appeals takes up the case
December 15th: the court of appeals affirms the lower court verdict, acquitting the ex-boyfriend
March 6th: the 39-year-old requests compensation of 250,000 kronor ($39,000) for being detained for five months
April 10th: relatives of Johansson ask the Swedish Tax Agency to declare her deceased
April 14th: a search party is organized by Missing People. They find a body near her home in Stenungsund that is later identified as Johansson's. Investigators determine she was shot in the head at close range
July 28th: Johansson is buried in Tjörn two years after her disappearance
April 8th: the prosecutor applies to the Supreme Court for a retrial
November 1st: the Supreme Court announces it will grant a retrial and orders that the 39-year-old ex-boyfriend be arrested and held on remand

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