‘Menstruation tweet’ from Swedish cops goes viral

'Menstruation tweet' from Swedish cops goes viral
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Stockholm police officers caused a stir on Monday after they used their official Twitter account to tweet about a police incident that involved screaming, blood, and make-up sex.

Stockholm's Södermalm police officers are no strangers to social media. Their official Twitter account has over 18,000 followers and offers them an open table to show readers an insider guide to their work. But their output is not always to the satisfaction of other officers.

On Sunday night, one tweet in particular stirred the attention of both followers and other officers alike.

"Screams from an apartment worried neighbours, who reported the incident. Blood traces in the apartment worried the officers," they wrote. "The screams and the blood were explained: make-up sex during menstruation."

The tweet became an instant Twitter hit (Twit?), garnering hundreds of retweets and favourites, but not everyone was pleased with what they were reading.

"Strangely, we had almost no negative reaction among our followers, only a few questions here and there," responsible tweeter Viktor Adolphson of the Södermalm police told The Local.

"But other officers said they thought it was too strong. Some of them called to let me know, but I think it's a bit strange they reacted like that. As another follower pointed out, we deal with a lot worse than this, this was just two of the most natural things in the world."

The other follower had responded "You guys deal with rape, robbery, abuse and suicide, but your colleagues think MENSTRUATION is a little too hard to stomach?"

Adolphson maintained that the tweet, while humorous, showed an important side of society.

"While the neighbour was initially concerned about the screaming, it's good to know that he cared enough to call," he told The Local.

"When officers arrived, they were worried to see the blood, because it usually means someone has seriously been hurt. But when they split up the pair and got both their accounts of the situation, they independently confirmed that they were having make-up sex, and that it was just that time of the month," he added.

"It's always good when there's a nice ending."

The tweet marked the second time in the last week that police have been called out over noisy residents. On Thursday, officers tweeted:

"Loud screams from an apartment worried neighbours who rang the police. It turned out to be a young couple in a toothpaste war. Not a crime."

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