Smelly stash of weed sickens Swedish cops

Smelly stash of weed sickens Swedish cops
Police in Uppsala in eastern Sweden are wrestling with an unusual drug problem that has left officers feeling queasy.
Cops are struggling to deal with side effects from a sizeable stash of cannabis that was confiscated recently.
The pot has been sitting in a room at the local police station a bit longer than usual, Sveriges Radio (SR) reported.
However, a lack of windows or adequate ventilation has allowed the stench from the weed to waft through the rest of the station, leaving officers complaining of headaches and nausea. 
A last ditch effort to mitigate the marijuana odours with an air purifier proved fruitless, prompting staff to file a formal complaint about adverse working conditions. They said the smell left them unable to carry out their regular duties.
Magnus Härnström, head of the police unit suffering from cannabis side effects, claimed he had not heard anything directly from his colleagues about the issue. He also downplayed the seriousness of the prolonged pot-storage problem
"There is an issue with an intrusive odour, but it's not a health problem," he told the local Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper.
He neglected to provide an explanation as to why the marijuana was left at the station for so long or what other measures may be taken to rid the station of the stench.

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