Gothenburg teens in new ‘slut shaming’ attack

Several teenage girls from Gothenburg who were exposed on Instagram in a viral "slut shaming" account have been attacked anew, with the victims described as "whores" in the new anonymous postings.

Gothenburg teens in new 'slut shaming' attack

In December last year, an account was created on social image sharing site Instagram where the sexual habits of young high-schoolers in western Sweden were shared along with their names and pictures. The account led to riots, arrests, and a long police investigation.

In June, two girls believed to be the ringleaders aged 15 and 16 were convicted for aggravated defamation and told to pay a total of 570,000 kronor ($85,370) in damages to the victims.

On Monday, however, a new account was doing the rounds, which exposed at least six of the previous victims again along with their names, pictures, and alleged sexual proclivities, reported TV4.

The girls' lawyer Arash Raoufi said that none of the victims planned to press charges this time.

"They don't have the strength, they feel like it's not worthwhile," he said.

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Raofi told The Local in June that once something is posted on the internet, the effects can be long lasting.

"One of the worst things for these victims is that their honour is still violated. Even though the account is from December, internet violation never stops," he said.

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