Swedes face up to mild, wet Christmas

The majority of Swedes stand to miss out on a white Christmas this year with rain and mild weather forecast for large areas of the country.

Swedes face up to mild, wet Christmas
It is only the northern mountain regions that will see the snow this Christmas.
Santa's sleigh is set to struggle to reach many households in southern and central Sweden as the lack of snow presents a further logistical challenge.
"What characterizes this Christmas is that it 's very mild. In southern Sweden, temperatures will be up to nine degrees Celsius. There is also a distinct lack of snow even along the coast of Norrland where there is the bare ground," said Linnea Rehn, meteorologist at Swedish meteorological office SMHI.
But the mild Christmas weather in Sweden is more the rule than the exception.
"It has only happened ten times in 112 years that we have had a white Christmas across the whole country. And last year was one of those occasions," Rehn said.
In much of the country Christmas Eve is set to be overcast and rainy. Over central Norrland there is however a front of snowfall that is pushing up over northern Norrland.
"There we have issued a class 1 warning for snowfall. There may be between 10-15 centimetres snow for tomorrow morning," she said.
Strong winds are expected across the country with the west coast and mountainous regions bearing the brunt of the storms.
"In the mountains, it is set to blow a lot and we have a class 1 warning for hard or very strong winds combined with the snow," Rehn said.
Christmas Day offers continued mild and unstable weather in almost the entire country. It is only in Lapland that temperatures are set to drop below freezing . During the other days it looks like it will be cloudy and southern Norrland can even get some sunshine.

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