The musical, the film… the Abba reunion?

Forty years is a pretty long time to play hard to get, but what with the museum adding on to the musical and the film, Abba lovers can't help but wonder, will 2014 be the year they finally get what they want? The Local gives you its fifth year-ahead prediction.

The musical, the film... the Abba reunion?
Abba dolls at the new Abba museum in Stockholm. File photo: TT

We got the Abba museum, we got the megathon interviews with the artists in industry daily Dagens Industri. We already have THE musical, and THE film, but will we get THE… reunion?

Rumours won't die, of course. Certainly not when songstress Agnetha Fältskög piped up in a German newspaper saying a reunion was possible for 2014. That will make it 40 years since the pop quartet marked the entry to the world stage by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton. 

Fans have had a dream for more Mamma Mia and been crying out for a reunion since, well, since 1982 when the band split. With a combined age of 266 it could be more a case of thank you for the zimmer frame and it's not as if the group needs the cash. 

With divorces and heartbreaks now a thing of the past, a spectacular reunion could well be the Swedish highlight of 2014. Naturally it will end in lots of money, money, money. 

But money is not every thing, and there is one thing money cannot buy… youth.

Those outfits? Those moves? Maybe the quarter can't even squeeze into that spandex anymore, so our prediction is that the four-decade wait will stretch into a fifth. No reunion for 2014.

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