Blind Swede regains sight after 13 years

A Swedish pensioner has miraculously regained her eyesight after spending more than a decade in the dark.

Blind Swede regains sight after 13 years

Ulla Sjöö from Ljungby in southern Sweden lost her vision 13 years ago after suffering a stroke. The 71-year-old was more than a little surprised when she woke up over the Christmas period and was able to make out the chandelier in her home when she opened her eyes. 

"I thought that I was dreaming or that I was in heaven. It was unreal," she told Aftonbladet.

She added; "I've lived in this apartment for nine years but have never seen it" and also said that she broke down in tears when she recognized a painting on the wall.

After regaining her sight Sjöö has now been booked in for x-rays and further medical examinations to see what changed in her brain to enable her to see again.

She said that she never imagined her sight would return and had adapted to her life as a blind person. Now that she can see again the pensioner said she is deeply grateful for her second chance.

"It's exciting when I go out, the people that I meet. If I have seen them before and if I know them. You can't explain it really. It's a feeling that you just can't describe.

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