Dismemberment killer jailed for 14 years

Dismemberment killer jailed for 14 years
A northern Sweden man who killed and dismembered his 20-year-old former girlfriend was sentenced on Wednesday to 14 years in prison.
The killer, a 22-year-old friend of the victim, was given a relatively light sentence due to his "personal shortcomings" and age, the court said on Wednesday. He was found to have murdered the woman, a 20-year-old friend, dismembered her body, and partly hidden it in an abandoned building. 
The prosecutor had aimed for an 18-year sentence, and despite her disappointment with the ruling, has not yet decided whether to appeal. 
The sentenced man was found guilty back in November, and soon after was ruled psychologically sound, meaning he could be handed a prison sentence rather than closed psychiatric care. He was found, however, to have behavioural disabilities.
The victim disappeared in northern Sweden's Boden in early May last year, sparking a drawn-out search by rescue services and volunteers – including the suspect – until her dismembered remains were discovered on May 20th in a building on an abandoned military base.  
The court ruled that the evidence was overwhelming in the case, evidence which included the woman's blood stains in the man's car. A pair of work gloves and a roll of tape tainted with the victim’s blood, were found in his home.

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